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With HOOKABIKE you can transport your bike comfortably and safely even over long distances.

Your advantages:

  • Ergonomic load distribution
  • Secure mounting
  • No wobbling or twisting
  • Quick mounting and suspension
  • Horizontal and vertical bike mounting possible
  • Fits on every backpack and every bike
  • Free hands at last

Due to its low weight and small pack size, HOOKABIKE is also a perfect companion for your next crossing of the Alps (Transalp) and is recommended by many guides, tour operators and Alpine clubs.

HOOKABIKE is completely made in Germany!

Which HOOKABIKE do I need?

To cover all types of bikes we offer four different frame belts:

  • Standard: Down tube circumference: 5-32cm
    This belt fits 99% of all bikes. For mountain bikes, kids bikes and anything else you want to carry with it, this belt is perfect.
  • E-Bike: Down tube circumference: 25-42cm
    You want to carry your e-bike? Ok, this strap is long enough for the thick down tube with battery. Note that HOOKABIKE is approved up to 25kg, but from 20kg you will need the help of a second person to lift and hang the bike. The belt also has the same small elevation as the EVIL belt, so the belt is not covered by the motor.
  • Liteville 601, EVIL (all models): Down tube circumference like standard
    On these bikes, the rocker at the rear covers the normal frame belt. To solve this problem, this belt has a small elevation built in.
    You are unsure whether HOOKABIKE fits you, which belt you need or need a different belt than you ordered? No problem, write to us, we will be happy to help you. Contact


  • Weight: 150 Gramm
  • Size: 290 × 110 × 20 mm
  • Maximum bike weight: 25 Kg

What MTB-News.de says about HOOKABIKE:

„Sometimes it's the simple solutions that make life easier - the PUSH components HOOKABIKE can convince in our first test and scores points for ease of use, light weight and compatibility with all backpacks.“

Additional information

Weight 0,150 kg
Dimensions 290 × 110 × 20 mm

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  1. Kate Booth

    What a great product- thanks. It works a treat and really changes the experience of hike a bike! I would recommend it to anyone with weedy arms like me- an absolute game changer.

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