Unfortunately, DROPAFORK is currently not available! Unfortunately we had to decide not to offer DROPAFORK any longer. So far it has not been possible for us to find a manufacturer who can manufacture this product in the appropriate quality. For this reason all DROPAFORKs were sewn by ourselves. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford this huge effort and had to decide to stop production.
But we still love the idea of DROPAFORK and don’t want to climb a mountain without it. Therefore we of course keep the option open to develop a new, better and easier to produce version.

With DROPAFORK every bike becomes a mountain goat!

DROPAFORK prevents excessive rebounding of the suspension fork during the uphill. This prevents the drop-back effect and gives you a relaxed and efficient sitting position uphill.

Your advantages:

  • Relaxed uphill ride without drop-back effect
  • Fits almost every fork, easy to retrofit
  • Quick hooked and unhooked
  • Always at hand, hidden in the head tube
  • Unlimited performance downhill
  • only 20 gramm

DROPAFORK is completely made in Germany!