Step 1

Mount the base plate with the velcro straps on your backpack straps.

TIP: For backpacks with additional straps, the base plate is positioned underneath.

Step 2

Attach the frame strap to the down tube approximately 15 cm (6 in) in front of the bottom bracket. The silver pin must point horizontally to the left.

TIP: Vary the position of the belt for the perfect balance of your bike on your back.

Step 3

Grab your bike from the left side by the fork and crank.

TIP: Turn the left pedal down before you grab the crank. If your bike is too heavy this way, you can also take the bike on the lower end of the saddle tube.

Step 4

Lift your bike over your head.

TIP: When lifting over the head make sure that the silver pin is centered above you.

Step 5

Put your bike on your shoulders. Now if you feel the silver pin on your neck, you are right in the middle. Now let your bike slide down into the guide of the plate.

TIP: If you are not sure if you have already hit, keep holding your bike with your right hand on the crank and check with your left hand if the pin is snapped into the plate.

Now you are ready to go. Have fun carring and on the trail afterwards!

Extra TIP

For the perfect trail, you have to climb through a huge pine field or you always wanted to climb the bike through a narrow rock chimney? Ok, then mount your bike vertically. With HOOKABIKE this is not a problem, it always keeps your bike safe Back Your hands are still free for climbing, gesturing, taking pictures, peeing …

All you have to do is change the position of the frame strap:

  • Front wheel up: belt approximately in the middle of the down tube
  • Rear wheel up: strap to the seat tube