Laurenz Dann

Founder, developer, tester, manufacturer…

Nickname: Lenz

When I see a problem, I have to think of a solution, I can not help it. For bike-carrying it urgently needed a new solution. The fact that we have found such a good solution with HOOKABIKE inspires me on every adventure tour.

Bettina Schindelka

Co-founder, tester, manufacturerin, “research animal”…
Nickname: Betti
I was thrilled with the idea from the beginning and I love how comfortable the bike is. So that other bikers can use a HOOKABIKE on their tours, I was part of PUSH components right from the start. Together we have invested a lot of energy to be able to offer a great product now.
Every time I go for a ride, I’m glad to see what came out of the idea!
Many thanks to Sanja for the huge help in a creating the homepage!



Carrying was never my favorite discipline because I missed the right position on the backpack. Thanks to HOOKABIKE this is the story and I have both hands free!


With HOOKABIKE the arms of the bike are not sleeping anymore and the neck is much more comfortable!


I always liked to carry my bike. But with the HOOKABIKE it has become much more relaxed again and due to the minimal weight and pack size it does not disturb the backpack.


I’ve never really bothered to carry my bike, but with HOOKABIKE it’s even more enjoyable and it never falls off my backpack.