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Small ideas can have a big impact. Especially on mountain bikes there is a lot of potential with new ideas to overcome old problems. I love to tinker and think for so long, until a simple yet ingenious solution is found. In the end, a product is often created that has never been thought of before. With PUSH components I want to create a platform to make my favorite ideas accessible to others.

HOOKABIKE has emerged from many ideas. The first I dare to launch the platform PUSH components, but since you’re sure, ther will be more exciting products to follow.


To reach the perfect trail, you sometimes have to carry your bike, often over longer distances. My friends an I very quickly had pain in the back, on the neck or in the arms. This happens because the bike is unbalanced on the shoulders, has to be held tight and presses the load from the sloping down tube mainly on the right shoulder. Another problem is that you do not have your hands free to cling to the mountain in a difficult passage.

So the idea came up to develop a plate with a hook for the backpack, which distributes the load evenly and holds the bike securely.

Granted the first version did not look very elegant, but the principle worked. The load was distributed much better, the bike did not need the be held and thus the wearing was already much more pleasant. However, everything slipped very easily, the ergonomics was not perfect and the hook was very clunky, hardly in the backpack to accomodate.

There followed many versions and many more tests in the mountains, from Bavaria to France. I think that you can not rate a prototype at a desk, it has to work on the mountain. It sometimes took a while to test a prototype in every situation and by different drivers. But I think that’s the only way to come up with a truly mature product that works when it matters.

That’s why I was 100% satisfied after three years of development. The base plate distributes the load evenly and without pressure points. With the freely positionable frame belt you can achieve the perfect balance on every bike. And putting the bike up and down is so simple that it is possible even while walking.

But beware, with HOOKABIKE there are no more excuses. 😉

Lenz from PUSH components

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