Spare Framestrap HOOKABIKE

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If you have several bicycles and you do not want to change the frame strap, you can order the frame strap here individually.

Which framestrap do I need?
To cover all types of bicycles we offer four different frame straps:

  • Standard: This strap fits on 99% of all bikes. For mountain bikes, children’s bikes and everything else you want to carry, this strap is perfect.
  • E-Bike: You want to carry your e-bike? Ok, this strap is long enough for the fat down tube with battery. Note HOOKABIKE is up to 25kg released, however over 20kg, you will need the help of a second person to lift and hook in the bike.
  • X-Large: Circumference of the down tube is more than 22cm? So far we are only aware of the BOLD bikes that need this strap due to their fat down tube.
  • Liteville 601, EVIL (all Models): With these Bikes, the rocker at the rear conceals the normal frame strap. To solve this problem, this strap has a small increase installed.

You are unsure if HOOKABIKE fits with your setup, what belt you need or need a different strap than you ordered? No problem, write us, we are happy to help you.


  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Maximum bike weight: 25 kg

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